Direct Democracy and Ecology (Webinar by Yavor Tarinski)


Below we reproduce the audio recording from a webinar that was organized by Extinction Rebellion’s Future Democracy Hub on 5th of February, as part of XR’s educational series on democracy and ecology.

In this session guest lecturer Yavor Tarinski* explores the interconnectedness between direct democracy and ecology, why political participation is essential for tackling climate change, as well as the temporal and spatial dimensions of environmental struggles that provide fertile soil for democratic practices.

*Yavor Tarinski has written volumes of high-quality works, articles and blogs on Direct Democracy, Social and Individual Autonomy, Solidarity, Ecology, Neoliberalism, and Bureaucracy. He has also been active in local, national and transnational direct democracy and ecological movements. Tarinski is author of the book “Direct Democracy: Context, Society, Individuality” (Durty Books, 2019).

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